It can be a competitive market in Metro DC. If you find yourself competing against another buyer for the home you want please review the following options with your Nellis Group certified Realtor: 


1. EMD (Earnest Money Deposit):  5-10% (cashed within 2 business days)

2. DOWN PAYMENT: 20-50%

3. Closing Costs: Probably not- if needed ADD ON TOP (increase the sales price)

4. LAP: If you need closing costs review if it can be covered by our approved bank for this unique program- ideal for FHA or VA loans. 

5. Settlement Date: Stipulate seller can select within 7 days of ratification. Give them a range of 30-60 days to choose. 

*If property is vacant consider a 14 day close. Many sellers will take an offer with a faster settlement date.

6. RentBack: no charge on the RENT (mortgage is paid in arrears). Seller remains for FREE

7. Grantor’s Tax: pay it for them (1%) in Virginia. In DC pay a portion of the seller recordation fee. 

8. Congestion Relief: pay it for them (1.5%) in Virginia. 

9. Home Warranty- seller or buyer pay

10. Escalation Addendum:  Review numbers and market data provided by your NG Realtor

Under 500k (Increment: 2,100)

500k plus (Increment: 3,800)


ODD always… not a typical amount: instead of 710 cap at 711k

11. Personal Letter- we recommend writing a personal letter. Sample Letter


If you are contingent have the FULL CONTRACT and NO CONTINGENCIES remaining for an ideal offer…



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