4 Reasons A Home Won't Sell

So you have been on the market for several weeks and the home has not sold. Maybe you listed as a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) and you did not see results. You possibly fell prey to a Realtor promising you the highest price or that "discounted" rate.

The reason you may be struggling to get offers or even people in the front door is because you have been stifled by the 4 REASONS A HOME WON'T SELL in today's market. These 4 key items are the things that make or break successful home sales.

If you do not have the best Real Estate team at your back, it can be tough to tackle these 4 facets of selling a home. But if you want to see the end in sight for your home sale and stop watching the Days On Market (DOM) increase as showings decrease, then make sure you understand these 4 reasons.


Your home needs to be priced accurately and within reason depending on the current market conditions in order to warrant any showings at all. On average this comes out to about 1%-2% of the market value. If you are overpriced it doesn't matter if you are on the front page of the newspaper or on a billboard in Times Square, the home will not sell.

Part of the Nellis Group Unfair Advantage is we have full time licensed appraisers on staff who are experts in giving you accurate and up to date pricing data to help you create your ideal pricing strategy.


The condition of your home is closely tied together with price. If your home is immaculate and you have conducted several upgrades or remodeled, your home will most likely fetch a higher price than a similar house in the neighborhood without the work done. The same reasoning is why your home may be valued lower than others if it is all original and never been touched.

The most important thing a seller must avoid is to "chase dollars". This occurs when a seller makes upgrades to the home that may seem like improvements but will NOT net a higher value.

The Nellis Group has the experience you need to guide you on the pros and cons of conducting certain upgrades or remodels so you avoid chasing dollars. Should you decide to do additional work on the home we have a list of trusted advantage parters and contractors who have provided exceptional service and work for our clients in the past. Our Unfair Advantage also includes a free consultation with our Interior Designer to get your home in showing condition that will wow buyers.


Over 87% of buyers today begin their search for a new home online. Many buyers choose which homes they will view in person based on the impression your home makes online. You want to make sure you have the marketing power of an experienced team by your side. A team that knows how to reach today's buyers in an appealing way.

Take A NG-3D Tour

A great set of photos, a 3D house walkthrough (not a boring virtual tour), social fusion and an engaging video are just a few of the things your Realtor should be providing as included services. They should show you a proactive marketing plan and demonstrate a strategic approach to creating the greatest and widest appeal for your home.

The Nellis Group Unfair Advantage includes a variety of marketing tools that take advantage of the latest technology and engage today's buyers. From our Seller Connection to Social Fusion to our new exciting NG-3D House Tours, we give buyers what they are looking for so they can come view the home for themselves.


The main duty of a Real Estate agent is to protect the equity of your home. Thousands of dollars are lost in the first 5 minutes of calls between Realtors, and missed opportunities occur if an agent does not have the proper training and experience. You must make sure that your Realtor has a proven track record of negotiation prowess before you even decide to list with them, because getting an offer is only part of the battle. Ask them how they leverage "lender credits" to keep more money in your pocket when you sell your home.

Your Realtor should be able to leverage "lender credits" as well as "appraisal packages" in order to protect the equity of your home

The Nellis Group will be the protector of your equity. One of our Unfair Advantages, our Lender Advantage Program is an unprecedented program that has saved our buyers thousands of dollars on their home sales. We also have licensed appraisers on staff who leverage their knowledge and experience through an appraisal package during the appraisal process.

The Nellis Group has developed 8 special free services that help you tackle the 4 reasons that a home won't sell and as you read through the 4 reasons you will see why we gave it the name we did. We call this our UNFAIR ADVANTAGE and it is the reason why so many people in the Metro DC area choose the Nellis Group to assist in selling their homes.

If you are looking for a Realtor who will help you tackle head on the 4 reasons a home won't sell, contact the Nellis Group today at 703-348-6442 or fill out our Seller Survey online.