The Nellis Group 9:

Unique Services Setting Us Apart From The Competition

The Nellis Group is consistently selected by sellers in the DC Metro Area because of these 9 unique services that the typical Real Estate agent can not provide. These services support our sellers in getting a premium for their home as we become the defenders of their equity. These proven marketing & negotiation systems are exclusive to The Nellis Group and have helped us sell over 200 homes per year.

Seller Connection

Buyers buy with emotion and our Seller Connection allows you to create an important emotional connection with potential buyers. With your help we create a special video that establishes that important connection while highlighting the benefits of your specific home and community.

A TYPICAL REALTOR does not create an expressive video marketing piece that connects with buyers both visually AND emotionally.

Lender Advantage Program (LAP)

Our Lender Advantage Program (LAP) is a one of a kind program that puts cash back in your pocket by creating negotiation leverage. On average, this program saves our clients $8,000 and has saved up to $31,000.

A TYPICAL REALTOR has no comparable program to save you this amount of money, in fact we are the only Real Estate company who has such a program. The LAP was created in 2012 by James Nellis & Nicole Nellis Cockrell in partnership with 2 lending corporations and it continues to evolve and adapt to the changing industry. 

NG-3D House Tours

Utilizing the latest in 3D capture technology, the Nellis Group will transform your home into a "walkable" online house tour. Buyers use their keyboards to virtually walk through the house as they would in person, increasing the accessibility of your home to the largest number of buyers.

A TYPICAL REALTOR has an old fashioned "Virtual Tour" which is just panorama images glued together and is not an enjoyable user experience.

Secret Homes

Secret Homes captures serious buyers and generates full price offers by testing the market via price friction. While listed as a secret home, your home does not accrue any days on market and is only available for private pre-scheduled viewings. The normal Nellis Group marketing solutions are still provided, the only exception is you are not listed in the MLS system.

A TYPICAL REALTOR does not have a program designed to generate offers before the home is officially listed on the market.

Social Fusion

Utilizing blogging, social networks, and paid target advertising to spread your home across the Internet and generate buzz. Everything connecting back to your home's "blast page" with all the information, pictures, 3-D tour, and more.

A TYPICAL REALTOR talks about your home once, the week it goes on the market. They do not continue to provide sharable content throughout the time on the market.

Licensed Appraiser

Our on staff licensed appraiser provides you with the most accurate and up to date home value estimate so you can choose the best pricing strategy to meet your goals and time-frame. Once the home is sold the appraiser has the leverage to protect the value of your home as it goes through the bank's appraisal process.

A TYPICAL REALTOR has no appraising experience and does not provide a MMA (Mini-Market Analysis) to give you the most accurate estimate on the value of your home.

Interior Designer

A free one-hour interior designer staging appointment is included in your Nellis Group Experience. The designer will highlight the assets of your home and make you stand out from the competition in the eyes of today’s buyers from curb appeal to interior design.

A TYPICAL REALTOR does not provide a free 1 hour consultation with an experienced Real Estate interior designer and often just provides ineffective personal preference tips.

Photo & Video Specialist

Our team digital media specialist will utilize the latest in 3D, and wide angle technology to capture the special features of the home. The photos are turned over to the creative marketing team to create effective marketing that properly showcases aspects of your home that buyers are seeking.

Creative Marketing Team

The Creative Marketing Team tells the story of your home to targeted audiences using graphic design, custom advertisements, custom brochures, social media posts, blogging and a custom video. 

The unique internal team includes: 2 Videographers, Content Writer, Photographer. 



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