Nationals Park

The Nellis Group's VIP Experience

Thank You for Being a Nellis Group VIP!

Congratulations to those who have received, or are due to receive, their Washington Nationals Nellis Group VIP Tickets via email. Our Ambassador Seats are renowned for providing an exceptional experience, as attested to by our NG Ambassadors who have already had the pleasure of attending games. As you prepare to attend the game, please take this opportunity and allow us to provide details for the various benefits associated with these VIP tickets.


Exploring The Park

Before the game starts, fans can explore the park's various attractions, including the Team Store, which offers a wide range of Nationals merchandise, and the Family Fun Area, which features games and activities for children of all ages. The stadium's modern amenities, including high-definition video screens and a variety of food and beverage options, ensure that spectators will have an enjoyable time throughout the game.

event location

Nationals Park

Free In-Stadium Parking

Our NG Ambassador Seats come with FREE GARAGE PARKING! Parking in an official garage provides ease, when accessing to the stadium. Fans can enter the stadium directly from the garage, without having to cross busy streets or navigate through unfamiliar neighborhoods.

Seat View

Enjoy your view from Section 137, which is directly on the 1st Base Line where many players tend to warm up before each game begins. Prepare yourself for some foul balls to head your way once the game starts! 


We hope you have an amazing time at the game! Please let us know if you have any questions. Don't forget to share your VIP experience with friends by posting pictures on Social Media with the hashtag #NellisGroupSellsMetroDC!

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