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Are you ready to sell your home and nervous about buying your next?

Reach out to The Nellis Group today and we will help you buy your dream home with ease!

The Nellis Group has over 37 years of experience assisting our clients with selling their current homes while buying their next. We will connect you with the right lenders and can offer private money to help your move run more smoothly and make certain that you get that new home. 

The Nellis Group is passionate about protecting our clients and we are highly experienced utilizing unique contingencies to make your buying process less stressful. We can alleviate any stress you may have about the fine print and make certain that you don't have to leave your home before you've closed on your new home first.

Alternative options are always thought of with The Nellis Group.

Reach out to The Nellis Group today to discuss which options are right for your family's unique situation!

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