The Nellis Group is excited to bring our clients and friends a fun day at the movies as a special thanks for you spreading the Nellis Group name across the DC Metro area! Let us know in the form below if you can make it and we will reserve a space for you and your family. Here are the details for the next movie date, time and location:

You will get to choose any pre noon non-3D movie in the theater
that is available (sometimes movies sell out).
Movie List has Not Been Released, Please Check Back Later.

We will email those who RSVP'd once available.

This year we are opening up the movie selection to all movies in the theater. Be sure to arrive right at 930am for the newest/biggest movies because some may sell out. Just check in with the Nellis Group at our table in the lobby and we will give you a voucher so you can choose your movie. The movie selections will range from children all the way to adults.