From Bull Run to Breweries, We Love Manassas!

A Prince William County, VA Community

Northern Virginia is home to many Washington DC suburbs, but non-like that of Manassas. Manassas is a city that remembers and pays homage to its glorious past while focusing on the future. This is a vibrant 21st-century city that embraces a strong sense of community, work-life balance, outdoor exploration, and historic preservation.

Manassas serves as the seat of Prince William County and is a city of 9.9 square miles located 31.7 miles west of Washington DC. Manassas primarily can be accessed by I-66, U.S. 29, Virginia State Route 234 Business, and Virginia State Route 28. Within Manassas, the cities of Old Town Triangle, Georgetown South, Oakenshaw, and Old Town Manassas reside.

The site of two Civil War battles, Manassas is steeped in history which is a point of pride for many of the longtime residents of this city. Both battles of Bull Run took place here; the first on Matthew’s Hill, and the second battle of Bull Run took place on Brawner’s Farm. These 2 locations are still sites for historical reenactments that take place throughout the year.

In addition to Civil War reenactments, Manassas is also a part of the Steins, Vines, and Moonshine trail. This “trail” is a collection of wineries, craft breweries, tasting rooms, and distilleries spread over a few miles radius. In this part of Northern Virginia, there are many people and places who are devoted to crafting their own beer, wine, and spirits because located only minutes outside of Manassas proper is Virginia’s famous wine country. With so many vineyards and wineries at your door, things and places to explore will never be far away. There is a seemingly endless variety of restaurants to choose from here as well; one thing that Manassas has in spades is food options. Everything from chains to mom-and-pop eateries can be found in and around Manassas. Historic Downtown Manassas has a particularly mouthwatering list of options to choose from. The Bone, a family-owned-and-operated NC style BBQ restaurant is a fan favorite here in Northern VA. Other local favorites include Crossroads Tabletop Tavern, Three Monkeys Pub & Chophouse, and Monza! The Downtown food scene has a lot to offer a wide variety of palates.

Manassas is an active community famous locally for their safe residential neighborhoods and commitment to outstanding public education. This is a place for families and retirees alike because there is something for EVERYONE here. This is a place from the 18th century with buildings and a patriotic spirit that has withstood the test of time to become a haven for people with a love of history and searching for a suburban paradise in the shadow of our nation’s capital. A lot of the establishments here have continued to thrill and thrive, not only the residents who live here, but visitors alike who come to experience a piece of history and Northern Virginian charm.