Lifestyle Tours Of The DMV

When you are moving into the DC Metro area, you will notice a lot of things different from where you came. From abbreviations, to local slang to special forms of transportation, the DC Metro area is a unique and diverse area.

Not only is the area exiting, but it is extremely hyper-local, with things like home values, schools, transportation options and events varying from neighborhood to neighborhood. In order to understand it all, you need a local expert who knows the intricacies of the DC market and all the additional lifestyle opportunities that await.

That is why the Nellis Group has created their Lifestyle Tour program. We will drive you through 3-5 local communities in the area you are transferring to and give you the inside scoop on everything you need to know. Where are the nearest:

  • Schools/Colleges/Daycare/Nannys/Libraries
  • Gyms/Yoga/Cycling/Crossfit
  • Places Of Worship
  • Restaurants/Coffee Shops/Vegan/Juice Bars
  • Nightlife/Sports Bars/Happy Hour
  • Parks/Monuments/Embassies/Museums
  • Community Groups/Hobby Classes/Meetups
  • Pets/Dog Parks/Doggy Daycare/Pet Walkers/Pet Shops
  • Cosmetic Services/Spas/Salons/Barbers
  • Grocery Stores/Convenience Stores/Banks/Dry Cleaners
  • Police/Fire/Rescue/Post Office
  • Transportation/Metro/Buses/Uber/Lyft/Airports/Amtrak/Slugging
  • Medical/Doctor/Dentist/Hospital/Pharmacies/Veterinarians
  • Events/Festivals/Holidays/Sports
  • Military/Bases/Commissary/Posts
  • Luxury/Vineyards/Golf Courses/Country Clubs/Private Clubs
  • Charities
  • Shared Workspaces

We will fill you in on localized terms, what people do for fun and cater the tour to fit your unique lifestyle. Not only will we get you assimilated to the community, but our Realtor Specialists are experts on the hyperlocal markets and how the 5 Pillars of Real Estate will effect your resale value in the future.

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