Once you become ratified it is time to do a few checks to ensure that the home you are buying is free of problems and defects.  This is called the Inspections Stage, and with the help of your Realtor Specialist you will decide which inspections are necessary in your particular case.  



While the buyer is responsible for paying for the inspections, it is definitely worth the money.  The Nellis Group will negotiate to make sure all the problems that are found in the inspection stage will be fixed by the sellers, so that you don't end up moving into a new home and having to fix things.

We always recommend a home inspection in order to protect your interests. The inspector will go through the house and accessible areas, both inside and outside, to check for any safety issues. Inspectors will check for problems with the foundation, wiring, pipes, and appliances. A home inspection is NOT the same as an appraisal.

The following are a few of the other inspections that you may end up wanting to run on the house.  Inspection costs vary on a case by case basis, and the average costs are just an estimate.


Every client is entitled to select their own inspector for any inspection on the property.  However, since any items missed become the responsibility of the client, the Nellis Group recommends that you utilize one of the inspectors that have worked with our clients in the past and have provided exceptional service.

We call these trusted inspectors our Advantage Partners, and we are certain that you will be in good hands if you choose to use their company.  (Note: The Nellis Group receives no financial benefit from recommending these partners, we just care about our clients and want to make their experience as easy and as pain free as possible.

Below is a list of our Advantage Partners:

Home Inspectors:

Radon Inspectors:

  • RTI - (703) 591-1111
Mold/Envoiornmental Inspectors:
  • Greg (AerobioLogical Solutions, Inc.) - (703) 920-6653
  • AdvantaClean of Northern VA - (571) 488-9724

If Property is on Well/Septic systems, below are some useful links:

Well Information

Septic Information

Well & Septic PDF


Other options from a local Web Search- these are not companies that our clients have used: 

HomePro Services Inc – (703) 560-4663
Luxre Inspections- (703) 716-1100
Virginia Home Inspections- (703) 497-8447 

Prices of Home Inspections usually varies based on size and structure of property. Below is the average pricing over the last 3 years:
Condo Fee: $250-300
Townhouse/Rowhouse Fee: $350-450
Single Family Home Fee: $450-550
Luxury Single Family Home Fee: $550-700

Average Price of a Radon Test: $150

   Thank you again for placing your trust in The Nellis Group. Call your Agent with The Nellis Group for any additional questions about your contract.


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