The Nellis Group's Holistic Approach

Picking the right Real Estate Company can be challenging.

The Nellis Group provides insight, experience and systems to maximize your home sale. 


We have over 39 years of experience!

We interact with the market daily and see over 200 homes each month.

We are experts at positioning in today's market!

The Nellis Group's QMA and market knowledge will guide you with the best approach.

We will leverage the LAP to save you money! 

The LAP is a unique program created in 2012 by The Nellis Group to save sellers money. 

Selling a Home in the Washington DC Metro Area

Selling a home is one of life’s most challenging events. There are many financial decisions throughout a home sale that can impact your future. It can be an emotional experience and we are here to guide you in the best path forward to leverage one of your greatest assets. 

When you choose to work with Nellis Group, we will leverage our entire company to assist you in positioning the home, maximizing the exposure and seeking the highest price possible for your home. 

    A beautiful home with high value

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