Real Estate Services For Divorce

Why Do Attorneys Trust The Nellis Group?


We have been serving the DC/MD/VA area since 1983


We help a family move every 2 1/2 days


We sell over 200 homes a year


We have helped over 4,000 families move


We Donate A Portion Of Every Commission To Charity

LAP Program

Our special LAP Program keeps money in our client's pockets

Thank you

Thank you for considering the Nellis Group to help your clients settle all their real estate affairs. We have services that have helped our divorced clients with all the complicated issues involving their transitional period. Call our CEO, James Nellis, today at 703-348-6442 to learn more about how we can help your clients.

The Nellis Group Advantage


Our clients never miss a home because of us. The Nellis Group team advantage means there will always be a community expert available to get them into the home they want before it is too late. Along with our licensed appraiser and other unique advantages, we help our buyers find the right home AND the right terms.


The Nellis Group marketing strategy combines 9 services into one package giving our sellers a unique selling experience that generates results. From 3D tours, top of the line print and digital marketing and our Seller Connection videos, our services stand out from the competition.


Our Investor Watch program helps our clients find the right areas to purchase investment properties for cash flow or appreciation. We not only find the best properties in the DC Metro Area, but we have key investment zones across the country with proven track records of finacially sound investments.

Lender Advantage Program (LAP)

A unique program found only with the Nellis Group that on average helps our sellers save $8,000 per transaction. The most we have saved a seller was over $16,000!