Certified Residential Specialist

Book a 1-day Course with James Nellis TODAY! Each 1 day course is priced at a $5,000 speaking fee, plus expenses (hotel, flight, travel).

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CRS 200, 201, 202, 206 — A 2 day course with James Nellis

You will receive the “Golden 4” from James Nellis & Spoken Word Seminars:

  • Promotional flyer for the event
  • Promotional video featuring James Nellis and quick topics of the course
  • Private promotional webinar featuring James Nellis for recruiting more attendees and for the current ones (up to 1,000 attendees)
  • Private Facebook group for only attendees (platform for sharing before and after class)

1-Day Courses: $5,000

Shift to Success

Leverage the essential techniques to THRIVE in a down market. 

Legendary Listing Skills

Learn lead generation, lead conversion, presentation, scripting and role play at a mastery level. 

Branding Beyond Borders

Learn the key elements to elevate your brand to the next level. Become the brand and resource that engages today's consumer. 

Social Fusion

A phrase coined by James Nellis in 2007. Social Fusion is the integration of multiple forms of media for your Company to become the dominant player in your industry. 

Mastery within 30 Days 

Learn how to unlock your potential in business and life.

Unlimited Lead Generation 

Learn to utilize web, print, video, social media & other tools to generate leads. This is a CRS Elective Course also titled Social Fusion.

Unstoppable Conversion Techniques

A candid blueprint for success in the Real Estate Industry.

2 HOUR EVENTS: $2,500


Ever wonder how to maximize your brand and potential online? It is done through video. Learn how to capture the right things on video, edit videos, embed them and utilize the potential of a video blog in your everyday business.

Energized Mindset & Models that WIN

Many companies struggle from the wrong mindset and company culture. Understand that every company either withers or thrives with the mindset by each individual. Reshape your mindset and learn models that can win in your industry and local market. 

Power Presentations

Learn to create the highest level of presentations. Review the top buyer & seller presentations and what works today, and review the best buyer books & seller books so you can format to your company today! (Larger Brokerages, contact us today about a custom version for your real estate company.)

Master Mind Event

If you are a large brokerage or top team you may want to hire James Nellis to faciliate a true Master Mind meeting. It is a combination of coaching and facilitating that combines for the highest level of return on your individual business.

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