2017 Nellis Group Calendars

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The Nellis Group will once again be sending out our popular refrigerator calendars for 2017 soon and we will need you to register in order to get on the mailing list. Even if you have received this in the past, please re-register to confirm. Fill out your information in the form below to be added. Please also let us know if you wold like to opt out.

We also wanted to give you the opportunity to recommend a local charity for our 2017 100th Home For Charity program. We gave away over $20,000 to Metro DC local charities with this program last month and we are excited to make a big contribution again next year. Please list the charity in the form below, or email info@NellisGroup.com with more information.

We hope you have a fantastic 2017 and please let us know how the Nellis Group can help you in terms of Real Estate or anything else!

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