It's Settlement Day,


Settlement Day Preparation 

You are only a few days away from owning your own home! Thank you for selecting The Nellis Group for the purchase of your home. We are honored to have served you in the process.

Prior to Settlement...

There are 2 types of walk-throughs we can perform prior to settlement:

Short Walk

We review any items that were supposed to be fixed per the contract and make sure no damage occurred with the home between contract and closing. (Duration: 20-30 minutes)

Long Walk

We review any items that were supposed to be fixed per the contract and retest all items from washer/dryer to ice-maker, toilets, etc. (Duration: 60-75 minutes)


Please confirm and make sure you have turned on all utilities in your name to begin on the day of settlement.


It is traditional that the seller will give one key or more to you at settlement but they are not legally required. We do recommend that you get the locks changed or at least rekeyed once you own the home.


MOVE-IN/Contractor Plans

Please do NOT schedule anything for the day of settlement. We typically recommend waiting 5-7 days for moving trucks, contractors, etc. If the seller has NOT fulfilled their obligation on the day of settlement we want to use that as leverage. If you have to move in ON that day- we lose your leverage. (check with your Agent for more details on possible delays)


If there is a balance remaining you will need to either wire the money directly to the title company or bring a cashiers check made payable to the Title Company. The lender should be able to help on this final number, many times you need to do it as an estimate. If you bring too much or wire an excess amount the Title Company will cut you back a check. We also recommend bringing a personal checkbook just in case. Make sure if doing a wire that it is sent 24 hours prior to settlement. 


Giving back to the community is an essential part of our company culture. Every time we help a client buy or sell a home in the DC Metro area, the Nellis Group makes a charitable donation to a local organization on that client’s behalf. We will want to confirm the charity you want us to donate on your behalf after the transaction. We will have the form with us again. VIEW OUR CHARITIES!

Photo with Team

We would love to take a photo with you at settlement. This is optional. We enjoy having photos with our clients and typically post them on social media with your permission.

Love Me Video

This is done typically after all papers are signed and you have your keys. We do a quick "iPhone/Droid" video of you talking about your experience with our company, staff and agents. CLICK HERE TO WATCH!

We are here for YOU!

Please do not hesitate to call me with any question/issue you have so we can continue to make this a great buying experience for you.