Reston, Virginia

Live, Work, Play!

Reston is one of the top destinations in Northern Virginia. Founded in 1964, the vision for this vibrant community has always been to integrate urban, commercial, suburban, and green spaces in balance. Reston’s founder, Robert E. Simon, was inspired by the Garden City Movement which had been borrowed from 19thcentury England. This method was used to combat the disadvantages of living in rural and city environments and amplify the benefits of both respectively. Hence, Reston’s founder using “Live, Work, Play” as its guiding principle, a principle that still lives on today.

In Reston, you will find various urban delineations that have been painstakingly configured and that vision is still the guiding principle that has remained true, guiding its growth almost 60 years later. Designed around the concept of village centers, Reston consists of Lake Anne, Hunters Woods, South Lakes, North Point, Tall Oaks, the Downtown Core, and Reston Town Center. Using the cores of these villages as the business/commercial anchors, the residential portions of Reston are peppered around them allowing for ease of access and maximizing aesthetic impact. In-between the villages, greenspaces have been thoughtfully implemented to provide a visually appealing and functional barrier. These “greenbelts” were made even larger than originally planned to accommodate future growth and are one of the main reasons people love living in Reston.


The Great Outdoors

Maintained by the Reston Association, Reston’s various lakes, parks, trails, golf courses, and ponds are pristine, well-lighted and safe. With thousands of acres of water and greenspace to traverse, there is always something new and exciting to do or discover outdoors. Walking, rolling, or jogging any of the area’s many trails is immensely relaxing and beneficial to overall wellness. Being in the wooded areas of Reston, away from the residential and retail portions of the community is reminiscent of something off the pages of Swiss Family Robinson, it is truly exciting to be in nature here and to share that quality time alone, with family or friends.


There’s something for everyone

Depending on what you’re looking for, Reston has options for everyone. If apartment or condo style living is what you require, the areas in and around Reston Town Center will have the housing stock and vibe that you’re after. This section of the community has the most urban flair and density. The Downtown Core of Reston is a part of the Town Center that was in the founder’s original plan for the area that has only recently come to fruition. Today, the area has emerged as vibrant, first class downtown for the community and a destination for the region. The 90+ acres of the Downtown Core lives up to its name with its streets lined with retail, restaurants and offices, all of which cater to national and global corporations alike. Recently built, several high-rise luxury condo and apartment buildings overlook pocket-parks, fountains, art instillations and plazas that would make any world traveler proud. The remaining 400+ acres of this district have been planned for additional retail, office buildings, a state-of-the-art medical facility and numerous other contributions that will round out the offerings that currently exist in that district.

The various Villages mentioned above offer everything from townhome to single-family living. These villages are very suburban in feel and evoke the quiet tranquility that NoVa is known for. The housing stock here is highly sought after, and competitive by NoVa and national standards. On average, homes only spend 22 days on market (Keller-Williams.) with 2% selling above list price.

Tucked amongst the clusters are schools, strip malls, grocery stores and daily services that contribute to Reston being a one-stop-shop. It is amazing to see how well-planned and organized Robert E. Simon’s vision for the area was 60 years ago. The original plan is still being utilized in Reston’s growth today with only minor adjustments to account for 21st century life. If a respite from the gridlock and soaring prices of Washington D.C. is what you’re after, give Reston a try. It’s clean, safe and serene with all the amenities that the city has to offer, especially parking!

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