Exploring Purcellville Virginia

A small town located just off the Appalachian Trail, Purcellville Virginia is a slice of Americana that will tug at the heartstrings of the even the most hardened city dweller; and especially those seeking to put as much distance between yourself and DC as possible, while still technically remaining in Northern Virginia. Purcellville Virginia has a closer proximity to West Virginia than Washington DC. Located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, this small town has access to some of the most
breathtaking views and highest elevations in Northern Virginia. According to the US Census Bureau, Purcellville has a population of 10,025 people residing in this 3.1 square mile town.

This is the real deal when it comes to small town living. With only 2 public elementary schools, 1 middle school, and 1 public high school, everyone knows everyone here. This is the town where doors are still left unlocked and the strong sense of community is palpable. If you’re looking for something to do here, you probably won’t find it within four walls. Hiking, biking, and rolling are the order of the day here. Get outside, and hit the 45-mile trail that terminates at the old Purcellville train station. In Purcellville, you will find copious amounts of greenspace, woodlands, trails, and assents here begging to be scaled, rolled, or traversed. Campgrounds in and around Purcellville offer outdoor enthusiasts with endless amounts of fun for individuals and families alike. If you’re in search of something to do indoors, try antiquing in some of Purcellville’s many antique shops. Not sadly, this is a place all about the great outdoors. Horseback riding, apple picking, and fall foliage watching, are the types of activities residents here get after.
There are plenty of boutique shops and places to visit in town. Purcellville also has a Harris Teeter and Giant supermarket where you can do the bulk of your weekly shopping, located in the towns center. Several restaurants and bars can be found in town as well, including Adroit Theory Brewing Co, Monk’s BBQ, and Magnolias at the Mill; but really, craft breweries are kind of Purcellville’s thing. There are local breweries and even an award-winning, internationally recognized craft distillery located here amongst the wineries of Virginia’s Wine Country (visit Loudon.) Purcellville Virginia is in a world all its own. If you’re seeking distance from the city and that small-town flair, this is it. Just be prepared, you’re going to be spending A LOT of time outdoors.
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