Interior Design

One of the parts of the Transform stage of our Marketing Plan is to meet with our advantage partner interior designer to help stage your home for the upcoming process of photographs and showings.  The interior designer will work with you to establish the following 5 things:

Prioritize: To make sure the best features of your home show the best.

"I delight in the opportunity to walk room by room with a client to PRIORITIZE a Staging checklist to make sure the best features of their home shows the best."

Neutralize: To remove items that over personalize your home.

"I view a future Nellis Group listing with a fresh perspective that addresses the need to NEUTRALIZE by confirming items to remove that over personalize their home."

Arrange:  To open up the flow of your home and dynamically accessorize.

"A creative ingredient of a Staging Consultation includes how to ARRANGE and open up the flow of a client’s home and dynamically accessorize."

De-Clutter:  To unstuff your home in order to clear away non-essentials.

"A Staging Consultation is maximized most at the start of a seller’s preparation. I consult with a client to DE-CLUTTER by devising an attainable plan to clear away non-essentials."

Sparklize:  To clean, scrub and wipe till your home sparkles!

"The final finish of market preparation is to SPARKLIZE. The best way for a seller to present their home for market is to clean, scrub and wipe till their home sparkles!"

After the interior designer helps you get your house in perfect shape, the next step is meeting with our digital media specialist for photography & videos.