Many vendors ask how they can earn our business and start working with our clients. We, at The Nellis Group are VERY picky with the vendors chosen to work with our special clients. Here is a recap of what we want and are looking for with lenders, title companies, contractors, advisors, etc: GATOR


  Lenders- 48 hours prior to closing for full packages and HUD statements. Rate & Closing Guaranteed.

  Title Companies- HUD Statements to our clients 48 hours prior to closing. Discount/Rebates may apply for our clients in utilizing your company. 

  Contractors- The estimate given to our clients will not change/alter unless agreed upon by both parties. Discount/Rebates may apply for our clients in utilizing your company.


  Lenders: Best Rate, Best Service (We tell our clients to shop with their current bank to compare. All of the lenders we use for our clients can beat the rates of the local Bank.)

  Title Companies: Best Rate, Best Service (Many companies will offer our clients discounts)

  Contractors: Good pricing for our clients


  Lenders: Work as much as I do or team members (Weekends/Evenings) Approvals prior to meeting clients face-to-face.

  Title Companies: Supply numbers for after hours including the Attorney affiliated with the company. 

  Contractors: Respond within 24 hours to a request. 

Outside the Box:

  Lenders: Utitlizing Lender Credits –countering contracts (premium spreads) so that our sellers maximize their profits and our buyers can cover their closing costs.

  Title Companies: Title Searches prior to waiting 3-4 months on short sales. Title Insurance discounts/options. 

  Contractors: Willingness to be paid after settlement from the HUD as a line-item instead of up front. 

Referrals: Law of Reciprocity

   This is the easiest part of what we want and look for... Because over 80% of our business is referral driven we look for like-minded professionals that are invested in seeing our company succeed as well as their own. Many vendors find this odd since they have never referred someone before to another business. The first year we instituted this a local lender sent us 6 transactions in the same year. We look forward to seeing our first referral from your company of a buyer or seller. 

** This is a very important piece for our company...