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The Community of Fairfax City

Fairfax City may serve as the hub of Northern Virginia, but at its core, it’s really a laid-back town with tons of history, and salt of the earth people that really do suburban living right.

Located just under 20 miles (19.2 mi) via I-66 E, west of DC, Fairfax City is home to an estimated 24,574 people. There are portions of Fairfax that feel like your typical Northern Virginia suburb, The City of Fairfax Historic District sits nestled in the city’s center and has a vibe of its own. The Historic District is peppered with classic historic buildings on wide clean streets that are lined with cute shops and businesses, but not many homes. The Historic District has several significant structures: Old Town Hall, which was built in 1900; the Barbour Building; First National Bank of Fairfax; Ford Building; Marsh House; McHugh & Hoffman Building; Rust Building; and Truro Church. Located in the Historic District are the separately listed Historic Fairfax County Courthouse, Old Fairfax County Jail, and Ratcliffe-Logan-Allison House.

Arrive in Fairfax on a nice weekend afternoon and just meander down Main Street heading towards Old Town Square and you’re sure to see families scooting to and from the little shops lining the streets, or taking pics of each other using this picturesque town’s gorgeous colonial architecture as a backdrop. Fairfax is really a beautiful, well-kept little city under the guise of a small town. But look more closely and you’ll spot Washingtonians mixed in among the residents; the two populations tend to overlap as people from the inside the beltway head further out to escape the crowds and congestion of DC.

While you’re here, be sure to try any of the seemingly endless bar and restaurant options in the area. Your culinary experience won’t be limited in the least as this city boast a robust selection of fine and casual dining options that is sure to please the most discerning palate.

Between Fair City and Fair Oaks Malls, all your shopping desires can be sated. There are also tons of boutiques sprinkled throughout the city for the shopper seeking something a little more rare or specific.

There’s an ease to Fairfax that you just don’t get in DC. This little city evokes a calm, charming, unpretentious sophistication that is the hallmark of Northern Virginia. Fairfax is characterized by a mix of residents who have lived here for decades in addition to droves of young men and women who attend nearby George Mason University, and newcomers seeking to start families somewhere a little slower and safer than DC.

Fairfax is family forward; with numerous options for children ranging from education and extracurricular activities to sports, this is an ideal place grow up. The City of Fairfax has an activity calendar that stays packed with things to do year-round. Beer in the ‘Burbs, the Fall Festival, the Holiday Craft Show, and the Independence Day Celebration are a few of the favorites. You can check out their full list of offerings here: www.fairfaxva.gov

From its rich history, small-town feel, and upper middle-class offerings, Fairfax City is a slice of Americana right off the pages of a book. 

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