As a team we help each other provide experience, knowledge, market research and ultimately sanity! You can not nor should you work every hour of every day. We encourage all of our Agents to "partner" up with other Agents on the team. This way when you are overloaded or need to leave town you have someone else that can watch over your clients.

It is your responsibility to find someone else to oversee your transactions. The Nellis Group staff will still perform and watch over the entire process but you need to provide all of the contact information and status updates for every file/client that you are working with to find or sell a home.

We employ 2 methodologies within our team:

Time-Share: You keep track of your hours when covering for another agent. Then when you go away or need help you contact that agent so they can pay you back in time.

Example:  Another agent is out of town so you perform their home inspection: 3 hours. Then the following week you are with a relocation buyer but you have clients that need to get out you can use that "stored time" to have that Agent cover other clients that want to see homes.

Pay-Share: You still keep track of your hours when working for another Agent. Instead of time sharing with them for later clients you get paid in cash for the time spent. Payment is varied depending on Agent experience, location, type of work, etc. (Make certain to determine another Agent's pay-share prior to taking care of their clients).

Payment can come at 2 different times:

1. Get paid as soon as the hours are worked.

2. Get paid after the settlement from the other Agent out of proceeds.


If you have more questions about how to cover your clients while unavailable contact Keith or James direct.




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