The 5 Reasons A Home Won’t Sell In Today’s Market

Reason One: Price

Your home needs to be priced accurately and within reason depending on the current market conditions in order to warrant any showings at all. On average this comes out to about 1%-2% of the market value. If you are overpriced it doesn't matter if you are on the front page of the newspaper or on a billboard in Times Square, the home will not sell. Part of the Nellis Group Unfair Advantage is we have full time licensed appraisers on staff who are experts in giving you accurate and up to date pricing data to help you create your ideal pricing strategy.

Reason Two: Condition

Your home's value is closely linked to its condition. A well-maintained home with upgrades or remodeling is likely to sell for a higher price compared to a similar home in the neighborhood that has not undergone any improvements. Conversely, an all-original home may be valued lower than others. It's important to avoid making upgrades that won't increase the value of your home, also known as "chasing dollars". The Nellis Group can help you navigate the pros and cons of conducting certain upgrades or remodels, and provide a list of trusted contractors. Our Unfair Advantage also includes a free consultation to help you make informed decisions.

Reason Three: Marketing

In today's market, more than 87% of buyers initiate their search for a new home online. This means that the impression your home makes on the internet can determine whether or not potential buyers decide to schedule an in-person viewing. To ensure your home stands out online, it's essential to have the marketing prowess of a seasoned team by your side. With a team that understands how to appeal to today's buyers, you can rest assured that your home will be showcased in the best possible light.

Reason Four: Negotiation

Your Realtor should be able to leverage "lender credits" as well as "appraisal packages" in order to protect the equity of your home. The Nellis Group will be the protector of your equity. One of our Unfair Advantages, our Lender Advantage Program is an unprecedented program that has saved our buyers thousands of dollars on their home sales. We also have licensed appraisers on staff who leverage their knowledge and experience through an appraisal package during the appraisal process.

Reason Five: Confidence

The Nellis Group has developed 8 special free services that help you tackle the 4 reasons that a home won't sell and as you read through the 4 reasons you will see why we gave it the name we did. We call this our UNFAIR ADVANTAGE and it is the reason why so many people in the Metro DC area choose the Nellis Group to assist in selling their homes. If you are looking for a Realtor who will help you tackle head on the 5 reasons a home won't sell, contact the Nellis Group today at 703-348-6442 or fill out our Seller Survey online.

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