Military Relocation

The Nellis Group has created the country's first MilRES Military Residential Division in the country.  This is a specialized division of MilRES certified team members consisting of Nellis Group MilRES Realtor Specialists and a MilRES trained local lender, home insurance agent, and title agent.  This innovative team was created to help America's servicemen and servicewomen, both active and retired, to be properly informed and represented when it comes to buying or selling a home.

What exactly is MilRES?

Instructed by nationally known educator and trainer Buddy West, MilRES is an educational certification training program that brings together forward thinkers from multiple states to learn how to better serve our Military clients with all of their housing needs.  

With the belief that Military heroes and families deserve the best care, participants gain the requisite knowledge to become leaders in providing services to active and retired Military personnel.  The training along with the MilRES Council provide resources that arm designees with the best tools available to supply the highest quality of service to their Military clients.

Why The Nellis Group?

Providing exceptional service to members of the Military is nothing new at the Nellis Group.  Many of our clients today come from the Military and we plan to continue to provide exceptional service to our heroes.  However we felt we had to take an extra step for those who take the extra step for our freedom.  Therefore, we have created the Military Residential Division in order to ensure our friends in the Military that we have people who are specifically trained to meet their Real Estate needs. 

At the Nellis Group we model our service on the values of our Armed Forces.  The CEO of the Nellis Group, James Nellis, comes from a Military family.  His father, team market specialist Jim Nellis, is a Vietnam Veteran and was an Air Force pilot.  Jim also worked at the Pentagon and the State Department during his final tours.  The Nellis family moved to the area after a Military transfer and they have first-hand experience with the issues that arise when encountering such an experience.  

Why do members of the Military need specialized help?

Military personnel have many unique issues that the typical citizen does not face.  Your average Realtor is not educated on these issues, and does not have the knowledge or resources that are required in order to give you the best possible advice or service.  The Nellis Group Military Residential Specialists understand VA benefits, VA loans, and other issues facing active Military, retired Veterans, Military about to be deployed, and Military returning home.  We will be able to help you understand and take advantage of the programs available to you.

The best way to test a Realtor's ability to help is to give them a call.  Ask them some questions about how they can help you (see questions).  Ask them about what Military training they have received.  What experience do they have with Military families?  Do they have a Military Residential Department?  Are they a MilRES Specialist?  The answers to these questions should give you an idea about whether or not you should work with that agent, or if you need to find a local MilRES Specialist.

Questions For Military Personnel To Ask A Prospective Realtor:

Why should I choose you to be my Realtor?

What Military training do you have? 

Are you a MilRES Certified Specialist?

Do you have a Military Residential Division?

Have you ever helped a Military family buy or sell a home?

What are my options?  Should I buy or rent?

What are the costs?

Can you explain the process?

Who arranges the financing?

What happens if I get transferred or deployed?

Our MilRES Referral Network

One of the issues that we know is very important to Military personnel is the question "What happens if I get transferred?"  Our Military Residential Division has access to a vast network of MilRES agents throughout the country.  Because they are MilRES certified, these agents can provide you with the excellent specialized service that you required.  If you are in the DC metro area and being transferred to another part of the country, give us a call and we can pass you along to a highly qualified agent in that area.

Are you Active or retired Military and looking to buy or sell a home.    Do you know anyone who is active or retired Military and looking for a Realtor?  If so call the Nellis Group Military Residential Division.  Our MilRES Specialists are certified and trained to deal with issues specific to active and retired members of our Military.  For more information on this exciting program, call the Nellis Group Military Residential Division at 703-930-0655.

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