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Chief Operating Officer and Licensed Real Estate Agent 

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Languages Spoken: English, French, Farsi, Gilaki and Dari.

In 2016, Venous, a gemologist, and engineer made an industry leap from the world’s largest luxury fine jeweler to pursue a long-held passion for real estate and joined The Nellis Group as the Director of Expansion. Utilizing 20 years of experience in talent acquisition, interviewing, hiring, and accountability coaching for employees at all levels, she set off to master her new career in real estate. Extensive training, in combination with the usage of social styles to cultivate and increase production across a highly diverse workforce has been a key to her success and growth here and in the jewelry industry. Expert knowledge and implementation of these systems have led to a 47% increase in units sold for 2019 and doubling net profits year to year. Currently, units are up 37%, profits have risen to 20.3% for this year, and Venous continually finds new ways to grow and challenge her team and herself. Venous ultimately joined the NG team because the mission and culture of The Nellis Group are not only in alignment with her core values, but the opportunity would allow her to create careers for others, helping to serve her community better.

When James Nellis, the CEO of The Nellis Group, asked Venous to break into the Washington D.C. and Maryland markets by opening and managing an office in Tenleytown NW and Columbia Maryland simultaneously, he had done so recognizing the depth of experience and skills Venous garnered from her 20 years long career. Driven by client-focused business development, initially in the fine jewelry industry, but most recently through her successful stint as the Director of Expansion for The Nellis Group’s real estate arm in the diverse and highly competitive market of Northern Virginia.

Today, as Chief Operating Officer, Venous’ success in the competitive worlds of fine jewelry and residential real estate is a testament to her passion for business and her genuine care and unwavering commitment to her staff and clients. Venous is loved and respected for her integrity, enthusiasm, and professionalism. Along with her attention to detail and tireless work ethic, she is most renowned for her ability to understand people. Venous moved to Washington D.C. in 1997 and is a graduate of George Washington University, where she fell in love with the DMV area. In October of 2017, she met her husband, Edward Jones, and they wed in November of 2019. Additionally, Venous serves on the Ophelia Foundation Board of Directors, a cause near and dear to her and Edward. Whether she’s enjoying cooking, quality time with Edward, attending concerts, or creating spreadsheets for her spreadsheets, Venous is energized, engaged, and enjoying life, but never far from The Nellis Group team and doggedly dedicated to her career and family.

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