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Growing up I was taught the value of honesty, trust, compassion and results. These values have continued to drive me in my personal life and business.

I've been a part of The Nellis Group Family for 23 years and consider it a blessing to work so closely with my relatives.

I've always had a spirit of curiosity and adventure! I express these by constantly trying new things, traveling to see new places, and pushing the limits that I currently have to create new opportunities. I enjoy anything and everything involving outdoor recreation and thrive in an active life style.

Though artistic creativity is never something I've been proficient with I always appreciate seeing creativity in someone else's expressed through music, art, fashion, interior design, food or the brilliance of new ideas.

Each day I strive to care for those around me on a deeper level than the day before and invest myself in their lives and watch them grow.

It is both a pleasure and a blessing to serve you in Real Estate.

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