Here is an example of a Cookbook Video
* We will put the video together for you simply upload short clips into the Google folder shared with you. Full instructions are below in the 7 simple steps. 
7 Quick & Easy Steps: 

1. INGREDIENTS: Provide a FULL list of ingredients with a google doc/word doc uploaded

2. RECIPE & STEPS: Provide a list of all the STEPS for the recipe with a google doc/word doc uploaded
3. NAME THE DISH: Is it from a relative? Did you create it? (Auntie Sue's Chicken) 
4. TELL THE STORY: (ON CAMERA) When did this dish become famous for you? Who made it first? Who makes it now? What's your favorite part of the dish? When is it made now in your home?
5. RECORD EVERYTHING YOU CAN (we can speed it up/chop it down on the marketing side of it. Ideally upload multiple shorter videos with the steps if possible. Otherwise upload one large file). 
6. CAMERA ANGLES: If you are in the home by yourself set it up high on the counter or in full view of everything with your phone. SET your phone to airplane mode or your video will be stopped/cut off by calls. 
7. CAMERA(S): If you have more than one person in the home it is a great idea to capture it with one steady camera/phone and the other person to capture the movement of the cooking and different highlights during it. 
                    - Please record in a 1080 HD mp4 format
                    - If recording with a phone,  it's always best to record your video horizontally.
Thank you for participating during your down time!! We can't wait to see your culinary skills in action! 

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