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Old Town, Alexandria Virginia is a unique place located just outside Washington D.C. Old Town has been called its own "village". It is known for its quaint shops and unique Restaurants. King Street is the main avenue for walking and shopping from the King Street Metro to the Potomac River. The first settlement in Alexandria appeared in 1695. It was not until 1748 that there was a petition for this area to become a town. Philip Alexander & his cousin John Alexander are credited with being the founders of Alexandria as a result of their generous donation of land which become known as Alexandria, Virginia. In 1791, George Washington included Alexandria as part of Washington D.C. it remained as part of the District of Columbia until 1846. In 1870, Alexandria City became independent of Alexandria County. Historic homes line Old Town in many areas that have both residential and commercial zoning. Many of the homes were built in the 1800 and 1900's. Old Town and Parker Gray is the third oldest historic district in the United States.