The day has finally come and we are about to do the walk through on your home. The Nellis Group encourages a walk through on every property whether occupied or vacant prior to closing. There is a system by which to conduct this final inspection of the home. Every home is sold AS-IS but it must be in the same condition as of the inspection or date of the contract (review your ratified contract for further insight). 

** If there was a home inspection addendum- as you walk through the home review and confirm those items have been completed. We highly recommend that each buyer call the licensed contractors that did work on the home. In addition, the consumer must be the one to test everything instead of the Agent. As a Nellis Group agent verbally walk them through how to test/review everything.  

Steps to a Walk-Through: 

1. Turn on any appliances that will take the longest to cycle through- you don't want anything on when you leave the home:
examples: washer, dishwasher, dryer. 


1. In every room turn on the ceiling fan/lights. If one is "out" it may be a bulb or it could be a blown socket. For the most comprehensive walk bring additional bulbs and step ladder.

2. Smoke Alarms- use your step ladder if needed and test each one on every level. (bring 9-Volt Batteries in case it is a battery issue- replace and test again)

3. Utilize an electric tester to make sure all outlets are properly grounded. 

1. At every sink turn it to Hot first, once you get hot water turn it to cold water. During this process if there is a sink stopper pull it up to make sure it holds water- allow the basin to fill at least halfway. Once you allow it to drain open the cabinet and make sure there is no sign of leaking- press a dry hand against the drain pipe and look at the flooring below it.
2. In the kitchen sink- (if there is a disposal), empty the ice into the sink where the disposer is and run hot water over it and turn on the disposer to make sure it is in proper operation. Also, you want to make sure the ice machine is working. (we had one sale where a seller bought ice from 7-11 and tried to pass it off as a working icemaker). If the refrigerator has a water/ice dispenser test all with a cup or hand at an angle to make sure both flow out properly.
3. In each bathroom run the shower/tub. Hot first, then Cold... If tub and shower combo check the diverter while water is on to make sure that it is in good operation- you may see a small flow of water or drip from the faucet. You are making sure there is not a large amount not being diverted.
4. If you have polybutylene pipes we recommend turning off the main water when not living at the home.


In Kitchen- most of them are located here. Turn on the oven first (bake to 350 degrees). Turn on each burner, vent fan, light etc. 


1. Visually check all walls, staircases, etc to make sure that the owners did not cause any additional damage after the move out from the home.

2. Check all windows to make sure none of them are damaged/cracked since the inspection/contract. (often a window can be damaged from a stray rock from the owners cutting the yard prior to settlement or even the move). 

3. Walk the entire exterior of the property to make sure it is in the same condition (gutters, downspouts, trees, etc.)

Conveyance Items: 

1. Review the conveyance paragraph of the contract. (Window treatments, appliances, etc). 

2. Check the mirrors, lighting, etc to make certain that nothing has changed since the last walk of the home. 


** Nellis Group Agents: please bring the entire bag with you for a full inspection:

Tools for the bag: batteries (AA, AAA, 9-V), electric tester, flashlight, light bulbs, step ladder, gloves, coffee mug (test microwave & refrigerator dispensers), binoculars, NG stickers (place on HVAC and/or Hot Water Heater)











By giving us your phone number and email address, you are giving Nellis Group permission to contact you via email or phone.


By giving us your phone number and email address, you are giving Nellis Group permission to contact you via email or phone.