Welcome To Metro DC!

Washington DC & the surrounding suburbs in Virginia and Maryland are very transient areas. This, along with the many career opportunities available i the area, make it one of the best areas to invest in. The area plays host to Military, Government, Biomedical, Technology and Consulting firms.

A Whole New Lifestyle

When relocating to the Washington DC Metropolitan area the focus quickly turns to lifestyle and location. It is exciting to be living within a short drive to the Nation's Capital and all the history, monuments and museums that others come from across the globe to visit. The area is also rich with arts and entertainment with live music just about every night of the week, several bustling unique neighborhoods with nightlife and bar scenes, theater shows at places like the Kennedy Center and professional and college sports teams playing throughout the year.

Navigating The Commute

Public transportation is one of the greatest assets you can have living both inside and outside of Washington, D.C. The Metro Rail System spreads out of the city in almost every direction boasting 117 miles of tracks that cover 2 states and the District of Columbia. There are 6 different lines, 91 different stations and WMATA is spending over $5 billion over the next several years to expand and improve operations. When you include the 1500 busses that are running on any given day, it means just about everywhere you live you will have some form of public transportation to help you arrive wherever you work.

The area also has something called "slug-lines" which are special carpools that will pick you up and take you in and out of the city at specific pick up and drop off points, as well as a VRE commuter train system, and public transportation in other counties of Maryland and Virginia that join up with the Washington Metro Transit Authority to help you get to where you need to go even if you live as far out as Fredericksburg, Virginia!

Whether you are driving, metroing, slugging, riding the VRE, or taking a bus, the Metro DC area is packed with public transportation options.

Housing Styles Of The Region

Housing options in the area range from high rise condo buildings to townhomes to single family homes to luxury homes. Whether you live in an urban area or a more suburban area you will always have options. The following video will walk you through some of the styles and choices you will have while looking in Metro DC.

The Nellis Group has been serving the Metro DC region since 1983. From DC to VA to MD and beyond, no matter where you are looking we have community specialists that can help you find your next home. For more information on our relocation services, send us a message at Relocation@NellisGroup.com or call us at 703-348-6442. We look forward to being your Real Estate expert in Metro DC!