At the Nellis Group, we take pride in our marketing efforts and they help us and your home stand apart from the competition.  The following five things make up The Nellis Group Marketing Solutions. Click on the icon to read about each one:

We want to make sure that everyone that visits your home, leaves thinking about the home.

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We don't just throw up your home online and via social media.  We connect each aspect together so everything connects back to your home in social fusion.  We have your home infiltrate the community.

We don't just want to have your home sitting and waiting for someone to stumble across it.  That is why we also send out 3 strategically timed blogs.  The first blog talks about the home and the community.  The second blog is a video blog. The third blog is a feature on one of the restaurants near your home.  All three of these blogs are distributed to our subscribers and via social media, linking back to the Blast Page and Community Portal

Social Media
We use Facebook & Twitter to generate traffic to your Blast page.  One of our followers/friends may not be searching for a home at the moment, but they may know somebody who is.  That makes these social media outlets an important way to have your home spread through several networks of people.


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Letting other Realtor's know about your home is an important part of the marketing process.  We don't just let all Realtors know about your home, we target the top producers in the area.

Top Producers Email Blast:

We send out an email to the top producers for the specific town or city where your home is located.  This way, your home is showcased to the top agents in the market.

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In order to get your home information to every possible potential buyer, we pay for special web syndication, and using the services below, we get your listing to a variety of different sites.

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This program allows you to get an idea of the market for your home, before actually listing your home.

If you choose to use the Secret Homes Program your home will have a custom Blast Page that is not listed in the market.  Instead it is listed in our special "Secret Homes" section of the Nellis Group site. Our agents have access to the link to give to clients and other Realtors and we also send out a Secret Homes Top Producer Email Blast to let other agents know your home is about to become available.

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