Every 14 days we review the competition for your home. Our goal is to make certain you as the consumer are fully aware of what today's buyer sees and how they compare your home. Of course, in an ideal world you would be the ONLY home for sale. In most communities that is not the case and most purchasers search in at least a 5-10 mile radius search.

When reviewing positioning for our sellers we pull from a 3 mile or 5 mile radius search depending on how rural the property location. We position our sellers as active buyers to see the competition as it enters the market. This along with our custom feedback reports is the best approach for our clients in the industry. Below is our formula:

1. Review the ACTIVE properties on the market- true competition

2. Review the SOLD homes in the last 90 days- what has happened in the market (since you have been listed as an Active home)

3. Calculate Absorption Rate

4. Review the Custom Feedback Reports & Showings (tracked on a daily basis)

5. Enroll the Seller as an Active Buyer to see the daily competition (some choose to review on a weekly basis and others daily)

6. Estimate the probability of selling and offer consultation on pricing in the current market (depending on inventory and consumer confidence the pricing could go up or down)


The important step for today's consumer is to stay in tune with the market. The Nellis Group 6 Step Market Review has given our client's the keen insight and advantage over other sellers. Consult with one of our Agents about more details on the 6 Step Market Review.

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