8 Unique Marketing Points - The "Unfair" Advantage

The Nellis Group Unfair Advantage are the 8 unique selling points we offer all our sellers as part of our services to the, included with no extra charges or fees.

The Selling Process

This flow chart shows sellers the cause and effect of each of the stages, and gives them a roadmap to the process of selling their home.

Marketing Calendar

This calendar shows our clients all the things we will be doing for their home. It shows it is a continuous, non-stop process where something is happening every day to help get their home noticed by potential buyers.

75 Point Marketing

The calendar shows the visual dates, but there are even more things that go into the calendar than listed. These are our 75 points of marketing. Everything we are doing for the client, so they can see all the different aspectes that go intothe sale of their home.

Nellis Group Ambassador Events

2016 Thank You Lunch!