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37 years ago, the company was established by the Nellis matriarch and founder, Vicki Nellis. After almost four decades in business, the family business has grown and expanded into being the area experts for all of your real estate related needs in D.C., Maryland, and Northern Virginia. The Nellis Group are trained experts in various aspects of the real estate industry. They have been able to create various niche programs: new construction, real estate investments, property management, military residential, short sales, real estate owned, to foreclosures, and more! 
This 37-year journey has been long and full of milestones and successes. The real estate industry is a constant evolution. The Nellis Group has adapted to changing market conditions and guided clients through turbulent conditions over 3 decades. 
James Nellis, Vicki's son, is now at the helm of The Nellis Group after taking over as CEO in 2008 with his sister, Nicole, brother-in-law, Keith, and father, Jim, by his side filling critical roles in the family business. Sadly, Vicki lost her battle with brain cancer in 2010. 
James, Nicole, Keith, and Jim have never taken their responsibility to their mother's (and wife's, respectively) memory and legacy lightly. As a tech enthusiast and visionary, James has been making bold decisions over the years to rebrand and expand the company from Northern Virginia and into Washington, D.C., and Maryland. While the list of certifications has expanded, and we service many more areas than before, our company hasn't changed what made Vicki so successful all those years ago: faith, service, and the highest ethical standards.
The Nellis Group is proud of every one of the amazing agents, staff members, and our company's award-winning customer service. They plan to uphold the commitment to excellence as The Nellis' next generation continues to serve and expand. 
Here's to the next 37 years!
And as always, The Nellis Group Serves Metro D.C. #NellisGroupServesMetroDC