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Nellis Group Stimulus Package

by James Nellis - The Nellis Group

   President Barack Obama, our 44th President, has been working diligently
to bring Democratic and Republican lawmakers together to develop and pass an Economic Stimulus Package. It has not been a smooth process and bridging the gaps of different parties, interests, philosophies and economic policies is never easy.

   Meanwhile, the Nellis Group has sought to do the impossible... We have created our own Economic Stimulus package for home owners and purchasers. We have put together a package that will provide the best money available to a real estate purchaser on the open market.

   The Nellis Group combined with a local mortgage lender in Northern Virginia and a Title Company located in Annandale, Virginia to produce a stimulus package that rewards the active purchasers in this market.

   As long as you choose The Nellis Group as your Realtor and utilize our Lender and Title Company you can qualify for the best stimulus package in the world -- a package that rewards you for purchasing a home. The Nellis proposal received overwhelming bipartisan support when it passed "House" with 430-5 vote in favor.  Lawmakers recognized that the Nellis Group Stimulus package was the result of Realtors and Companies committed to making a difference in people's lives and in the interest of getting our economy moving again.

   Originally this was only meant to be an incentive for first time purchasers but The Nellis Group was able to amend the package in the "Senate" to open this Stimulus package for both investors and second time home owners. Contact The Nellis Group to find out all of the details about the stimulus package. It is based on the loan amount and purchase price of the home you buy in 2009. This package is now in effect and all of our purchasers can ask about The Nellis Group Stimulus Package between February 2, 2009 and December 31, 2009.

Stimulus Package for Washington DC & Northern Virginia Real Estate

by James Nellis - The Nellis Group

       What would you say to finding money when you closed on your next home? The Nellis Group has put together a Stimulus Package exclusively for their clients. We have positioned our purchasers to gain the advantage of experienced lenders and a Title Company with 3 Attorneys that can answer all of your Title Questions.


           What does this package look like? The Stimulus Package is based on the sales price and amount of the the loan for your next home. Whether you are purchasing a single family home or a condo in Northern Virginia and Washington DC our stimulus package can help you.

            Contact The Nellis Group direct to find out the exact amount of how their new stimulus package for 2009 can positively impact your bottom line! Join the rest of our active purchasers today and save money! Email them at


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